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5 Things The Oilers Have To Look Forward To

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5.  Ales Hemsky is healthy.  Without Hemsky the Oilers offense

Ales Hemsky looks to rebuild this once great Oilers reputation.

turns to mush.  Dustin Penner is the only Oiler who can score consistantly without Hemmer.  Hemsky, after scoring 22 points in 22 games last year, went down with a season ending shoulder injury.  He is the puppeteer of their powerplay.  He organizes their rushes, keeps the game at his pace, and not to mention is a very smart hockey player. Continue reading


10 Things I Want To See This Year in the NHL

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What  do you do when you are bored? Make some arbitrary posting about ten random things (in no order) that you want to see happen in (or to) the NHL this year.

1)  Florida Panthers  to make noise in the playoffs

Yeah, I think expansion was overkill by Gary Bettman, but the problem for the Panther’s attendance issues is not lack of interest in hockey, but rather lack of success. If they can get back to the playoffs and make noise, maybe this young team can create loyal fans.

2) Taylor Hall to win MVP

Two years in a row that a non-number 1 overall draftee won the award. As an elitist I can not stand for this.

3) Tomas Kaberle to get traded

So Eklund can finally stop promising us it will happen “this time.” And in the same vein, for the trade deadline to actually be good this year.


4) St. Louis Blues finish where they started

The franchise in Missouri has put in a few years to get where they are, if the rug is pulled out from under them this year it may just break the good fans’ hearts.

5) Colin Campbell and the NHL stop over-calling hits to the head

Rules against head contacts are good but penalizing clean hits because players are not responsible enough to keep their chin up is only going to ruin hockey. I would like to see a clause for players with their head down, a clear and concrete clause.

6) The NHL changes the home uniforms back to white

Home fans should be able to see the color spectrum of the NHL jerseys, not every visiting team’s white.

7) Steve Stamkos to finally enter Ovechkin/Crosby level

This one is for Matthew O’Brien, you know what you did.

8 ) The Winter Classic to bomb

Teach the NHL to use the Penguins two times so soon. I want the 30 team league to enjoy the Winter Classic.

9) The Coyotes to move back to Winnipeg.

Or somewhere back north. They had to bring in NHL employees to sit in the arena during the playoffs to make it “appear” to be packed.

10) Iginla to escape the Flames

The guy would be a clear first ballot hall of famer if he didn’t have to be the whole damn team his whole career in Calgary. How they ever got to the Stanley Cup amazes me. I want him to go to a team that will give him a chance to win. Philly needs another winger….

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