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The Top 10 Players You’ve Never Heard Of

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Now I don’t mean to offend any serious fans by saying these are players you’ve never heard of.  This is just my list of the top ten players in the league that no one talks about or appreciates but do their jobs the best.  Every team has a couple of players that do things crucial to winning but don’t show up on the score sheet so they don’t get talked about.

10. Milan Lucic (Boston Bruins). If you don’t live in the New England area, you may not have heard of Milan Lucic.  This 6’4″ 220 pound left winger is one of the most dominating forces on the forecheck.  Lucic uses every pound he has to his advantage when taking opposing defenders to the board with force.  Lucic disrupts play and causes hell for a defender trying to make a clean break out pass.  This creates room for his very skill team mates like David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron to create scoring chances.

9. Travis Moen (Montreal Canadiens).  Travis Moen is a big winger who is great along the boards.  He works the ugly area’s and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body for the team.  Also, Moen is one tough customer.  If you go after one of his team mates, be sure that you’ll be hearing from Travis Moen.  at 6’2″, 215, he has a lot of size to throw around. Continue reading

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