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Kris Versteeg is a Flyer and other Flyers stuff

Posted in Philadelphia Flyers on February 15, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Kris Versteeg, the 24 year-old right-handed RW, had himself quite a Valentine’s Day. He went from the out of contention Toronto Maple Leafs to the very much in contention (and best team in the East) Philadelphia Flyers.  Continue reading


What The Flyers Trade Plans May Be in 2011

Posted in Philadelphia Flyers on January 8, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

As the trade rumors thaw during these winter months, I have decided to give my own personal view on where the Philadelphia Flyers stand with who they may be open to trade and who they may get. Most of this is personal opinion and I do not mean to set off any Eklund like “buzz” (see what I did there?). Continue reading

Zherdev and JVR Silencing Critics

Posted in Around the NHL, Philadelphia Flyers with tags , , , , , on December 20, 2010 by matthewfobrien

Early in the season, people were quick to jump on the play of Nikolay Zherdev and young James van Riemsdyk, calling them out for various reasons but those days seem to be long gone for good reason. Continue reading

Laviolette and Zherdev… A steamy rant

Posted in Philadelphia Flyers on December 13, 2010 by thomaskrulikowski

Nik Zherdev has been a great addition to this team. 9 goals playing 4th line minutes? I mean come on. He gives you options on the powerplay and 4-4 and in the shootout. The problem is that Lavy has yet to use him as such. People complain about his motivation and all this stuff. But look at Jeff Carter. Carter takes as many if not more shifts off than Zherdev, he is just as “me,me,me” with the puck, he turns it over just as much and he is just as lazy when he skates. It’s all about favorites with Philly fans. The guy never got a fair shake since he has been here and so unless he put up 50 everyone was going to be complaining. He has played well-above the amount of time he has been given. Remember: he plays with Jody Shelley as his linemate.
The only enigmatic thing about Zherdev is why doesn’t Laviolette realize his potential? Continue reading

Russkie of the Month

Posted in Around the NHL, Philadelphia Flyers on December 2, 2010 by thomaskrulikowski

Sergei Bobrovsky has been bestowed the honor of Rookie of the Month for November 2010 according to

Bobrovsky went 7-1-2 in November compiling a .931 save % and a 2.03 goals against. Some of these numbers are results of a 10 game unbeaten streak that spanned over October into November.

What did goaltending coach Jeff Reese have to say about working with the young Russian?

“… if I’m not smiling he’ll go, ‘Jeff, what’s the matter? You OK? Happy, happy?… it seems like he’s always happy. He’s having the time of his life.”

The distinction will keep Bob smiling until he has a chance to continue his wonderful rookie campaign against the Devils this  Saturday.

Philadelphia Flyers’ Coach Peter Laviolette

Posted in Philadelphia Flyers on November 22, 2010 by thomaskrulikowski

I like him more than I have liked the last three or four Flyers’ coaches. Overall, I think he is a good coach that has a good system for our team.

But I wonder what the heck he is doing all the time. It is confirmed that rookie Russian Sergei Bobrovsky will not start tonight against Montreal; Brian Boucher will get the nod in net. This is a surprise to me. Continue reading

Flyer’s Pronger and D Working Out Kink’s in Chainmail Armor

Posted in Philadelphia Flyers with tags , on November 22, 2010 by thomaskrulikowski

It’s no surprise that Chris Pronger is the best defensemen for the Philadelphia Flyers and it is no surprise that as he goes, the team defense goes too. This year Pronger has not been as dominating as he was in years past. Some might suggest that this has to do with the minor knee surgery that he underwent in July, and others may suggest it is about time the skyscraper’s age caught up with him. But this simply is not the case.

Chris Pronger’s defensive game is not 100%.  But it has nothing to do with aching knees or age. It is simply lapses of judgement. Let us exam just one game, last Thursday’s shootout with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Chris Pronger made mistakes that led directly to opposing goals. On Downie’s goal, the sixth for the Lightning, Pronger misreads a puck leading to an odd man rush. Then he hustles, gets back, and leaves Downie open back door. On Tampa’s game winner Pronger simply doesn’t pick up his man as he goes right by him and pounds in a rebound.

Continue reading

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