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It’s Official…zelePUCKin has moved

Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Not only are NHL players bouncing around this time of year, zelePUCKin is too.

New Site:

We have decided to move over to blogspot. There were a few reasons for this. The first reason is that at blogspot we will be able to partner with Google AdSense to (hopefully) make some pocket change for whatever. Hey whatever helps, right? (There is also an option for a donate button, but we are avoiding that for now).

Another reason is that blogspot is going to be easier for us to manipulate its appearance. This will give you, the reader, a better reading experience (comments will be easier to use, chatrooms exist as a possibility) . Also it helps us non-computer guys get stuff done.

A final reason was that we hope a change of scenery and new home will spark a little more creativity from us and traffic from the web.

So please follow us on over to

Thank you for your readership and your patience as we get used to our new home!


D Erik Gustaffson Recalled

Posted in Around the NHL on February 25, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has announced that D Erik Gustaffson will make the trip to Ottawa.

With the rash of injuries on the back line, this is perfect timing for the young gun to get NHL experience and give the vets a rest. He impressed me at training camp and I have been hoping for a call-up all year. Hopefully he will get a chance to show the fans what he has.

Sorry for the brief post, but today we are trying to decide whether to transition the blog or not and work on the possible transition.


zelePUCKin News

Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Heads up: zelePUCKin is possibly moving from wordpress to blogspot
follow our twitter or our wordpress blog or our FB page to get up-to-date news on all things hockey and IF we move!


Trade Updates

Posted in Around the NHL on February 22, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Unfortunately I do not have enough time to devote to trades as I would like ,with an influx of school work, but I will try to do my best to keep everyone posted.

Trades From February 18th On

(Starting with most recent)

Dallas Stars acquire:

D Alex Goligoski

Pittsburgh Penguins acquire:

LW James Neal

D Matt Niskanen

My take: Pittsburgh addressed a weakness they have failed to address since the three-headed monster of Crosby, Malkin and Staal has been in the league. Crosby will finally have a winger of better than average talent to play with. They also get a D to fill Goligoski’s spot. Though not as talented as “Go-go,” Niskanen will hold his own on Pitt’s third pair. Dallas gets cap space and a young, puck moving D in return. They needed to upgrade on D and by dealing from a position of strength (young wingers) they were able to accomplish it. Pitt wins this deal but it is not as lopsided as people may think, Goligoski may just thrive with more ice time.

Continue reading

Kris Versteeg is a Flyer and other Flyers stuff

Posted in Philadelphia Flyers on February 15, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Kris Versteeg, the 24 year-old right-handed RW, had himself quite a Valentine’s Day. He went from the out of contention Toronto Maple Leafs to the very much in contention (and best team in the East) Philadelphia Flyers.  Continue reading

Antti Niemi Redeems Himself, Gives Boost to Sharks

Posted in Around the NHL on February 14, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Some of you may remember me calling out Mr. Niemi in a December 1st post entitled 5 Things That Disappoint Me About This Season. Here is what I had to say about the Sharks goalie then:

Where to start? Niemi, I pulled for you all off-season. I wanted the Flyers to sign you after your arbitration decision. I thought you would only blossom from your impressive rookie year. I argued that you were not reliant on the great D in front of you in Chicago. But what have you shown me this year in San Jose? Nothing. You have been in 9 games, but only have 3 wins. You have a .877 save percentage  and a 3.93 goals against. Sophomore slump? Maybe, but I expect bigger things in your future if you want to keep me on your side. There is time to turn things around, I am just disappointed you made me look like a fool.

If there needed to be proof that this blog was influential, the need has been satisfied. Clearly Niemi read my post. Despite his record since (14-10-2) he has kept a floundering Sharks team in playoff contention. Four of those wins have been shutouts. That is good for 7th in the league. Continue reading

Emery signs in Anaheim and more

Posted in Around the NHL on February 7, 2011 by thomaskrulikowski

Ray Emery has signed a 2-way contract for the rest of this year with the Ducks. He has already been sent to the AHL and is now on waivers. He is on waivers because he is being sent down, if he was to stay in the NHL he would not have to clear. Also, once he clears he will not be subject to re-entry if the Ducks call him up later this year.

I think ANA won’t get poached with Emery. The team claiming Emery would have to keep him in the NHL and the fact that he is coming off that huge injury and hasn’t played a game yet is something that will keep teams from making a claim. Once he clears I think ANA will keep Emery in the AHL for the rest of the year, giving him a chance to make a name for himself again then trade his rights before July 1st. This is a good asset move by the Ducks and also a good just-in-case move too. Hiller has played a lot of games in the past two years and their back up now has very little experience. If Hiller gets too exhausted or is injured, Emery may find himself back up in the NHL.

Also, Forsberg officially signed a 1 year deal in Colorado for 1 million dollars. Hopefully his foot stays healthy and he can make an impact again at the NHL level. Forsberg is a guy I personally cheer for because he loves the sport so much.  This is not a case of the Brett Favre.

Forsberg won’t have to clear any waivers and should be in a game soon.  My guess would be a home game February 14th against Calgary. It would be fitting that his first game back would be in front of  the home crowd that he has such a long history with. If he can stay healthy this is a great move for the Avs who lost Tomas Fleischmann for the year who was their big midseason pick up.

Blog related news: We are doing our best to stay current and on top of things here, with college work thrown in. We appreciate your views and reading, and we are doing our best to give you the best product we can. Quality and Quantity. Thank you.

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