Top 5 Things I’m Thankful for this NHL Season

5.  Crosby is not leading the nhl in goals or points.  Steven Stamkos has emerged as quite possibly the next Joe Sakic with his amazing release of that snap shot.  Stammer does nothing but rip goals at a near 50 in 50 rate.  I hope he can do it.

4.  Hemsky is still healthy.  Right around this point last season Hemmer suffered a season ending shoulder injury.  Although the Oiler’s are in a rebuilding stage in their franchise, Hemsky is a lethal scorer and playmaker on any given night and I love watching him out there.

3.  Claude Giroux has put himself up there as an elite scoring talent.  Giroux never tallied less than 100 points in any of his years at Gatineau.  Giroux is in my opinion the most talented Flyer this year and is proving it with 23 in 23.  Hopefully G keeps at an 82 in 82 pace.

2.  Chicago is suffering the effects of giving away an emerging net minder in Niemi and settling for a washed up, second-rate goalie in Turco.  Nothing personal against Marty, but he is at the tail end of his career, which was decent but nothing amazing.  Niemi has the potential to be a game changer every night like he did last year in the playoffs as a rookie.  No repeat in my crystal ball for Chi town.

1.  The Philadelphia Flyers are tied for the NHL lead in points.  I love it.  Everything the flyers are doing right now makes me smile.  From our offense putting up 5 or more goals a game, to BOB only letting up 1. The Flyers are proving that they are a team to be reckoned with and I for one, can not wait for the playoffs.  Although I do wish for a Bob shutout.

Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy your Turkey Day!!


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